Real Horsemanship

 Why Real Horsemanship?

I am passionate about helping people understand horses  better, so that they can live in a world that we have created for them, in a way that makes sense to the horse but also works for us, in an everyday relevant manner. 

The term natural horsemanship is often used to describe a way of educating both horses and humans in a natural way, but in truth nothing that we do with horses is really natural. Horses  do need to be educated to fit into our world and to do that  "naturally' we need to really understand their behaviour. Then we need to learn positive habits and skills so that we can really help our horses become calm, willing partners.

Real Horsemanship is about working with and for the horse, developing good horsemanship skills that work for you both in everything that you do, on an everyday basis,  encompassing ground-skills as well as riding and forming a basis for all disciplines.  


Real Horsemanship is more than just being a good rider. It’s about being the sort of person your horse would choose to be with. Simple but true and it starts by understanding  what your horse needs. If You give your horse what he needs, he's more likely to give you what you want!

  • Do you want to learn more about horse behaviour and understand your horse better?

  • Do you want your horse to be a calm, reliable, trusting, willing partner?

  • Do you want to learn more about building a solid foundation for riding and competition?

  • Has your horse got some behavioural issues you wish to improve? Catching, saddling, loading.........?

  • Do you want to improve you or your horse’s confidence in riding or ground handling?

  • Do you want to improve your riding – to be more secure, balanced and effective?

  • Do you want to have fun whilst you're learning?

 My lessons are designed to support riders in all disciplines - we all want a calm, connected and responsive horse, balanced in mind and body. 


Whatever your goal is, if you understand and trust each other your horsemanship journey to success will be a pleasure.  I am here to help with regular lessons or targeted assistance with specific issues. Contact me for a friendly chat.

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