Parelli~What is it?

Parelli Natural Horsemanship is a philosophy, approach, and method--a system--of natural horse training and human education for the benefit of both humans and horses everywhere. We teach you how to become your horse's natural leader so you both are safe and healthy, have fun, and, if you choose to, can do great things.


Horses are highly social prey animals who use flight and physical, very athletic play to establish and maintain relationships within the herd for the sake of safety, comfort & food, and more play.

People and horses form mutually gratifying partnerships when we learn their natural herd dynamics and how to "speak" the horse's universal language of  energy, body movement, and position.


Whether you have problems to solve or just simply would like to enjoy your horse more, a Parelli education will meet your needs. Trouble trailer loading? Difficulty picking up feet or having your horse stand still? Can't catch her? He bucks when you want to go? Won't whoa? Bites and nips? Kicks?


Horses and humans have, over the ages, generated a long list of problems in their relationships. If this is true of you, the good news is you are not alone! These and other problems are utterly solvable when we put in the time it takes to learn how the world works from our horses' points of view. 


Even if you are reasonably safe, you may yearn for more; a remarkable, not just so-so, relationship with your horses. Success with horses is based on Real Horsemanship, a realationship based on trust and communication The keys to such success are available to us when we put in the dedication and perspiration necessary to study, learn and practice, to develop into horsemen and women.


Learn from the horse, from his nature.  Learn equine psychology and how to use natural tools and techniques. Learn how your horse thinks, feels, and behaves--and why. Learn your horse's language, learn to listen. 

Why Parelli?


Because it is the most effective horse training and human education program anywhere!


It's based on decades of experience and savvy accumulated by Pat and Linda Parelli and then, by their enormous dedication and effort, passed on to trained, licensed instructors, many of whom have studied directly with them, picking up "second-hand gold" (which is as good as new, says Pat) along the way. Pat and Linda, and their instructors, have a rich appreciation for the challenge of learning to become the human your horse needs, of the life-changing journey that often entails.  


You know you're "doing" Parelli when you put the relationship with the horse first, when you work to become excellent in four skill areas (the 4 Savvies of Online, Liberty, Freestyle, and Finesse), when you commit to never-ending self-improvement. 



We are all about Foundation before Specialization, about developing horses who are smart, calm, brave, connected, and responsive; who are healthy and happy, keen on life, in a human world. 


And...... we have fun, so why not Parelli?                     

The Savvy Club

The Savvy Club is the heart and soul of everything Parelli, and the home for information, education, social networking, Parelli games and local clinics.


Our new structured education program provides you with a clear path for continued improvement, while our exciting new achievement program guides you along a progressive path with clear goals and motivation along the way. Membership will also connect you with like-minded people all over the world, providing inspiration and support on your journey as you improve your skill and deepen your relationship with your horse.


That's why Pat Parelli introduced the Savvy Club: To reach out to the horse world and offer cutting-edge information to everyone. No matter your goals, the Savvy Club will help you on your journey. Since the club's inception in 2002, we have helped tens of thousands of horse lovers live their dreams; 

this is not only where you get started with Parelli, it’s where you continue to grow!

Want to Join the Savvy Club?

Please join under my  name to experience PNH's support system for their students.  Use Referral Code P8134 when you sign up at the level that suits you best.