A Very Special Offer.

Well, my "Special Half Price Assessment Offer" has gone down a treat, I'm so pleased with the response and the fact that there has been an almost 100% take up for continuing lessons, which is pretty amazing really. I really enjoy meeting new people (and their horses) and getting the opportunity to share what I've learned. Then it is an absolute privelige to be invited to help someone on their horsemanship journey, which may sometimes be quite a rolller coaster of a ride, if you know what I mean! Though having fun is a top priorty, its definitely about enjoying the journey and not just about the destination. There has certainly been some laughter and smiley faces over the past few weeks,

add in the fact that it's stopped raining and there is a hint of Spring in the air, things are looking pretty good. So the (Very) Special Offer will continue for the time being............

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