May Day

Ever since I can remember the 1st of May has held a special significance for me, mainly because I decided way back when I was a kid that it was the first day of Spring. I'm not sure why I decided that, because believe me it often didn't feel like it and I know that because I remember well the annual arguments about what to wear to school!

I attended a pretty small primary school, in Peppard Common, near Henley on Thames and on May 1st, regardless of the weather I would refuse to wear anything except the school summer uniform. I can hear my mum now, worried that I would freeze to death, trying to persuade me to wait until it warmed up.

But no, it was spring and time for short white socks, a blue and white gingham dress with a white belt, a blue cardigan and well, ok, if it was raining I'd put my anorak on ! Absolutely no vests either !!

So, this morning, when I opened my eyes and looked outside there was a gorgeous blue sky, the pink cherry blossom looked amazing and I just knew it was Spring. Today was the day. No matter what, the thermal vests and long johns, the thick woolly socks and the insulated jods and boots were getting packed away. It is Spring......

Oh yes, of course..... I forgot to mention, it does help that I'm heading out to Istanbul again tomorrow, for a week of teaching in the sun. Happy days ! With any luck it WILL feel like spring when I get back.

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