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Freelance Instruction 


Private or Group Lessons - At Your Place or Mine

Lessons at my base for NO EXTRA CHARGE

Large outdoor all weather arena with mirrors

Plenty of parking 


Your First Lesson 

This is an assessment of both you and your horse; it maybe to help with any issues such as building confidence in horse and rider, hacking out, trailer loading or to help you improve your horsemanship or progress towards your goals you may have. Ideally this session would be the first session in a block of lessons. The session normally runs for at least 1.5 hours = £65   Contact me for a quote for a group assessment session.


Private Lessons - start at £50 per hour, with a discount for longer sessions.

Shared lessons - 2 people £45 each per hour

Group Lessons - Contact me to discuss requirements.

There may also be a charge for fuel depending on location. If there are multiple lessons in the same area, the cost of fuel will be split. 


Full or Half Day Sessions-For students outside local area


Full Day = 2 x 3 hour sessions:

1 or 2 students = £260 

3 students = £300

4 students = £340


Half Day = 3 hour session:

1 or 2 students = £150

3 students = £180

4 students = £200 


Spectators by arrangement.


Half day = may not available if further than 60 miles from Devizes, unless by special arrangement. 

Travel costs: Please ask for estimate of travel costs when booking lesson.   More Details Here


Clinics are ideal for those wishing to accelerate their horsemanship and cover theory and simulations as well as practical time with your horse. Learn and have fun with fellow students and see your relationship with your horse transform.

Clinics can range from 1-4 days and may have a specific focus or theme or be based on specific levels and have certain pre-requisites.


If you are interested in hosting a clinic and receiving a free place or would like a clinic/workshop in your area please contact me to discuss details.


Spectators are welcome at clinics for a fee of £30 per day. This is a great to way to learn without having to bring your horse.  Spectators are included in simulations etc.






Horse accepted for foundation training or schooling; in either ground work for general handling, pre-saddle training, trailer loading or any other preparatory work and for ridden schooling.

  Contact me for more details and to discuss your requirements.




Clinics and Workshops
Horse Development


"Sharon’s experience led her to quickly identify issues and solutions with both long and short term problems. She had gone above and beyond and inspired us all to learn more and most importantly be safe!"


Katie McCaul,  Devizes, Wilts.


 "Sharon and her horses were amazing tutors to my daughter when she was only 13-14, the bond my daughter had with her horse improved no end and it was magical to watch them both grow under Sharon’s tuition. My daughter was even fortunate enough to accompany Sharon to go to Liverpool and meet Linda and Pat Parelli :) thanks Sharon for all you did for us xx "

Diane Davis,  Devizes, Wilts.


"My lessons with Sharon have been amazing, she is a very talented teacher. I have learned a great deal about how the small things make the difference, I have learned how to be subtle, how to read my horse's 'horsenality' and how sometimes just to do nothing. It is truly eye opening. I feel I am gaining great insight into how I behave around Amber my horse and how that affects how she responds..."

Jo Kiddle,  Devon


 "I've had plenty of tuition from Sharon over the years and would have a lot more if only we lived closer 😢

Sharon's done and seen pretty much everything you can do and see with horses and her experience comes through in her teaching. 

If you have a lesson with Sharon expect honesty, laughter and lots of progression. You won't be disappointed! "


Suzie Jones,  Shropshire 



"First of all thank you for taking me on, even for such a short time. I don't know where these 4 weeks have gone, they went by so fast.Time flies when you are having fun! I had a fantastic time and I learned loads, thank you. As you know I am sad to be leaving even though it is for a Parelli job, I do wish I could stay longer I have felt at home from day one, it's a little bit of heaven for horses." 

Margot Nelson, Glos.


 "Sharon has a clear method of teaching and reading your horse.
Have learnt so much with her and look forward to her visits. 
Would not have anyone else."

Sharon Smith, Ormskirk, Lancs

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