A Little Bit About Me
Accredited Equestrian Coach in Wessex.

I have been around horses a long time.......

 Straight out of school I spent a year at Porlock Vale Equitation Centre, which was a very strict and disciplined start to my equestrian career. A military regime, with squared off and immaculate, especially the muck heap! But I survived, gained a BHS qualification and escaped still in love with horses.  At least Porlock had set me up for the usual working conditions in the equine industry at that time, long hours, low pay and terrible living conditions. All for the love of the horse!  After a couple of years working around the UK,  I decided to broaden my horizons and set off  to work for a year in Italy as a show jumping groom. It turned out to be a fabulous job that led to many wonderful opportunities to study, work and ride with some exceptional horsemen and women in dressage, show jumping, eventing and even carriage driving and in some wonderful locations throughout Europe.


My Horsemanship Studies continue........

I first discovered natural horsemanship in the late 90s and became an almost obsessed student of  the Parelli program, qualifying as a professional in 2008 and gaining my 3* instructor rating in 2011. I will always be indebted to Pat and Linda Parelli for showing me the way and for the many other outstanding horsemen and women that I was privileged to work with. Continued study is a priority; more recently with Buck Brannaman, Mike Bridges and Diane Followell.

But where I owe my real understanding of horsemanship is to the horse itself.  

Probably the best teacher of all!

 Now what I want to do is share with you all that I know and help you make your own understanding of horsemanship as diverse, rich and REAL as possible.

I love helping people understand their horses better........  

All horses not just horses with "problems" . If you have a good relationship with your horses I will show you how to have a great relationship.  Sometimes we don't even realise that things could be better, we are so used to tolerating the way things are. Of course, if you are struggling with something; catching, spooking, rearing, bucking, problems riding out alone or worried in the company of other horses, or maybe having difficulties with trailer loading, the list is endless! Please give me a call.    


Or maybe you just want to be a better partner for your horse......  

More confidence, on the ground or in the saddle.  Be a better rider, learn how to move with your horse, and most importantly stay out of his way! Maybe you have competition goals, or want to become a professional in the equine industry yourself. Whatever your goals are, I'd love to help your reach them.


For details of my freelance fees please click HERE.

I am based near Devizes in Wiltshire, but regularly teach in  Gloucestershire, Avon and Somerset and happily travel all over the UK and abroad for clinics. To discuss details and if  you would be interested in hosting a clinic or workshop please Contact Me